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We are an award-winning tutoring startup. Our amazing tutors and intuitive online app have helped students excel academically and professionally. We are committed to providing stellar education and customer service. Set up an appointment to see if we can help you!


Teachers First.

Our students achieve because our tutors are exceptional. They not only consistently score in the top percentage in standardized exams, but also have years of teaching experience. We interview and run mock lessons with every tutor to ensure that their ability to teach is excellent. Instead of showing students superificial tricks, our educators prepare students of any level with in-depth testing strategies.

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I did horribly on my first SSAT test, so I signed up with a tutor from Crimson Scholar. My tutor quickly identified what I needed improvement in, and helped me practice. I got an overall 99% percentile!
- J. Xiaoling, Student, 6th Grade

Parent Testimonial


Our daughter was struggling with ACT mock exams, so we decided to get some extra help with our tutor, and it paid off. She felt confident going into the real exam, and got a perfect score of 35.
- B. Jenkins, Parent, 11th Grade

This Is Personal.

We don't do large instructional classes because they are ineffective. Each one of our students receives custom lessons and the attention they deserve. Crimson Scholars' tutors closely monitor student progress and develop corrective sessions. These corrective measures guarantee that students learn the methods to master their exams. We believe in engagement and there is nothing more engaging than 1-on-1 learning.



Our students don't stop learning once lessons are over, so we won't stop teaching either. We make a point to be available to answer questions quickly and thoughtfully from email to chat. This way our students can keep improving even after class. As long as our students are willing to put in the effort, we will always be a resource to help them pursue their academic goals.

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