Tutors First.

Quality tutoring, patient guidance, confidence building, and practice are key to become efficient and eventually fluent in Spanish. Crimson Scholars have selected fluent Spanish speakers who also have years of teaching experience and student success to help you with your Spanish. We interview and run mock lessons with every tutor to ensure that their ability to speak Spanish is excellent. That is why when you learn Spanish with our tutors, they diligently assess your language ability, and reactively adjust lessons and actively engage in your strengths and weaknesses to improve your Spanish. Our Ivy League educated tutors ensure an exceptional language learning experience, all within the city of Queens.

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Professional and Personal.

Active interaction and engagement with a fluent foreign language speaker are critical in language education, especially with Spanish. And with our iPad and web client, the 1-on-1 Crimson Scholar tutoring experience makes it most ideal for learners of Spanish to experience an intimate and interactive education. Each one of our students will have personalized lesson plans, feedback, and the full attention they deserve to master Spanish. These corrective measures guarantee that students will become aware of their weakness and strengths, ultimately getting closer to building confidence and mastering Spanish. Focused engagement is necessary for Spanish, and there is nothing more engaging than 1-on-1 learning.


Practice makes Perfect.

To perfect any language, students need constant training and practice. They need to keep writing, reading, and speaking the foreign language. Being in Queens shouldn't hold you back - that is why our Spanish tutors are always made available to answer questions quickly and thoughtfully from email to face chat. This way our students can keep practicing and improving their Spanish language skills even after class. As long as our students are willing to put in the effort, we will always be a source to help our students from Queens master their Spanish.

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"I was struggling in my honors Spanish class, and knew I needed more practice. My tutor was just what I needed. He helped me with whatever help I needed, but the best part was just having him talk to me in excellent Spanish."

- S. Johnson, Student, 11th Grade

"Our daughter really needed help on her Spanish. Our tutor was really patient and helped her on every step of the way. We are happy to say that she got a perfect score on both SAT subject and AP tests."

- P. Allen, Parent, 12th Grade

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