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Chemistry tutoring requires qualitative coaching, patient guidance, and practice. In order to ensure our students receive the best Chemistry tutoring, Crimson Scholars carefully select academic coaches who have years of teaching experience and student success. We know that our students are young and determined, focused to masters the concepts, skills, and terminology necessary to excel in Chemistry That is why Crimson Scholars tutors are trained to diligently assess their students, reactively adjust lessons, and engage students’ interests. Our Ivy League graduated tutors prepare students of any level by helping them with their work ethic and in-depth understanding of Chemistry concepts for exceptional results in classrooms and standardized testing - all of this in Queens!

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Professional and Personal.

We are the only professional Chemistry tutoring service in Queens that offers 1-on-1 online tutoring - and our iPad and webclient make it most ideal for young students to experience an intimate, interactive, and visual educational experience that other Chemistry tutoring services can not offer. Each one of our students receives custom lessons and the attention they deserve to succeed in Chemistry. Each one of our students will have personalized lesson plans, feedback, and the attention they deserve. These corrective measures guarantee that students learn the necessary methods to improve their Chemistry knowledge. We believe in this focused engagement and there is nothing more engaging than 1-on-1 learning.


Practice makes Perfect.

To perfect Chemistry, students need constant training and practice of concepts, theory, and terminology. Our Chemistry tutors are always made available to answer questions, ranging from learning Covalent and Ionic Bonds, understanding Chemical Equations involved in titration of weak acids and bases, to mastering Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, quickly and thoughtfully from email to face chat. This constant support and administering of practice and student improvement of Chemistry skills and knowledge help students remain focused on the goal at hand. As long as our students are willing to put in the effort, we will always be a source to help and push them to become strong students of Chemistry.

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"Most of my friends have a Chem tutor. I had a hard time finding one because of my busy schedule, so Crimson Scholars was perfect. I love my tutor, and I’ve been doing really well in my classes."

- P. Cha, Student, 10th Grade

"We recommend our Chem tutor for those looking for a great Chemistry tutor. He makes sure our kids understand the concepts and know how to apply them properly. We’ve gotten great results with our tutor’s help! "

- L. Watkins, Parent, 11th Grade

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