Q: What is Crimson Scholars?

A: We’re a startup making quality tutoring and afterschool help more accessible. We make tutoring convenient, timely, and affordable. Our key goal is accessibility. So for every 3 sessions with our tutors, a free session is given to a disadvantaged child.

Q: How do I start a session with my tutor?

A: Make sure you have signed in to our tutoring app on an iPad (link) or on Chrome web browser (link). Then, add your tutor to your contact list by tapping the “+ contact button” and typing in her email. Tap on your tutor’s name and press “start meeting”.

Q: What can I get help with?

A: Anything! We have the best tutors who can help with everything from Portuguese to Calculus BC and everything in between.

Q: Will I need to provide materials for each lesson?

A: No. If you have special demands, just tell us when you Request or Schedule a tutor. Our tutors have done common core curriculums, Socratic discussions, and last-minute homework help. We work closely with parents and students to provide highly personalized lessons.

Q: How much are lessons?

A: Most of our tutors start at $50 an hour, but you can negotiate with your tutor.

Q: How do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

A: Our tutors spend hours preparing personalized lessons. So as a courtesy, we have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. As long as your tutor is given 24-hour notice, you will receive a full credit refund.

Q: How do I contact you if I still have questions?

A: Email us at [email protected] or call us at 929-500-1374. We’ll always try to get back to you within one business day