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Physics is one of the most important and versatile topics to master in Science, due to its wide applicability in other sciences, as well its’ prominence in advanced curriculums in high school, college and standardized testing (SAT II, AP). Because the lessons, terms, and skills taught in Physics serve as fundamental building blocks to more advanced science and math topics, Crimson Scholars carefully select academic coaches who have years of Physics teaching experience and student success. We interview and run mock lessons with every Physics tutor to ensure that their ability to teach Physics to our younger students in Brooklyn is exceptional. Our Ivy League tutors diligently assess Physics ability, and reactively adjust lessons to actively engage in the students’ strengths and weaknesses at the most basic and fundamental level. With the Crimson Scholar experience, our Brooklyn students come out confident with Physics, and feel prepared for the next steps in the Physics syllabus.

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Active interaction, live feedback, and positive engagement with a science tutor are critical in learning science especially with a topic like Physics, which is focused on equation-solving, functions, and graphing. As the only professional math tutoring service that offers 1-on-1 online tutoring in Brooklyn, Crimson Scholars tutoring, along with our iPad and web client, is perfect for customized visual Physics lessons. Our tutors can closely monitor the student’s thought process when solving a math equation, vector and projectiles, or kinematic diagrams in a live feed, guiding them in the right direction on every step of the way. Whenever a student makes a mistake or gets the wrong answer, the tutors can find where exactly the mistake was made, encouraging good habits and skills at the principal level. These corrective measures guarantee that students will master the methods and step-by-step processes necessary to become a great Physics student.


Practice makes Perfect.

To perfect any Physics subject, students need constant training, feedback, and practice. They need to familiarize themsevles with different concepts by writing out all the steps when solving problems, applying different methods, and receiving feedback. That is why our qualified Physics tutors are always available to answer questions, whether it is solving multiple vector systems, learning to correctly draw momentum and collisions, or understanding work and energy, quickly and thoughtfully from email to face chat. As long as our students from Brooklyn are willing to put in the effort, we will always be a resource to help and improve their Physics skills.

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"I was stressed about the AP exam for Physics, but my tutor helped me walk through the process step by step. By the time I took the exam, I wasn’t worried at all – and got a 5 on both my tests."

- A. Ball, Student, 11th Grade

"We highly recommend our tutor to anyone looking for Physics help – whether it is test prep or general physics help, our tutor has it all. He is very patient and detailed in his lessons."

- D. Brady, Parent, 12th Grade

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